My 5 Must-Have Writing Essentials

I’m a mood writer and that’s probably part of my problem. I can’t write until my environment is right. Usually, I go to Panera Bread and give them all of my money. I like sitting someplace where I can people watch, see outside, but people can’t see me. I’m a creep like that. Judge your mother. I have a specific seat and everything. If it’s taken, my Panera date is ruined. But it’s usually not because it’s legit the worst seat to normal people. For introverts like me, it’s the best. But, when I’m not at Panera I’m usually at my dining room table or on the couch.

Here are my Top 5 essentials that I must have before I can even start writing:

  1. Natural light. A window has to be open. I have to be sitting by a window or there has to be some place where I can see outside. If it’s at night, I like being by a plant or something of the Earth. It makes me feel connected to something other than just me.
  2. Headphones. I must have my headphones. Whether it’s my big over-the-ear headphones I got from 5 Below (which have amazing sound for just $5), or my ear bud Apple headphones, I have to have something in my ears.
  3. Cell phone. Let’s be honest. I’m addicted to social media just like all of you. So, occasionally, I’ll scroll Instagram or post a selfie ‘hey look at me writing’ because, millennial. Besides social media, I need my phone for noise. I have to have some kind of noise in my ears. Usually, I will listen to my unpaid for Spotify account. Again, judge. your. mother.  When I don’t want to hear music, I have two apps that are seriously clutch for me. If I can’t make it to Panera and want the feel of a bustling coffee shop I use Coffitivity. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s an app that mimics real coffee shop activity with real conversations, forks clinking against bowls, chairs being pushed in, etc. It’s like sitting in a coffee shop from the comfort of your living room. It has three settings “Morning Murmur” “Lunchtime Lounge” or “University Undertones”. Personally, I’m a fan of the Lunchtime Lounge. Give it a try! My third app I frequent is called Relax Melodies. My mother introduced me to this app because I told her I was having a hard time concentrating. Relax Melodies is amazing. It has dozens of sounds like lapping water, river, rain, birds, wind chimes, piano, rain of a roof, grandfather clock, vacuum, truly anything you can imagine that could possibly be relaxing. You can layer those sounds over top of one anther to customize a truly relaxing melody. I always choose wind chime, lapping water and wind. Sometimes, I choose thunderstorm and I lose myself in writing so quickly. Try RelaxMelodies! iOS // Android 
  4. Journal. Lately, I’ve been writing freehand. I went to Panera a few weeks ago and my laptop died. I was about to head home when I realized I still had my journal. From there my writing completely changed. I became intentional and more focused. It’s something about putting pen to an actual page that changes the game. This was the exact method of how I started writing back in middle and high school. It was nostalgic and now I carry my writing journal everywhere!
  5. Laptop. Last but not least, my laptop. Most writers use their laptop as a way of writing. Before I started writing Pushing 30 free hand I took my laptop with me every time. Even now, I have to keep it near by when I write. It’s become a habit for me.

These are my 5 must-haves when writing. Some of the other things include fresh flowers, a drink (tea, coffee, or something stronger), and an assortment of pens and highlighters.

What are some of your writing essentials?

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