Review: If Only for the Summer

If Only for the Summer
By: Alexandra Warren

Synopsis: Nova can’t wait to start summer break to start. When her basketball wife best friend offers Nova her throw-away condo, she jumps at the chance to spend her summer in sunny Miami. (As any human would). The problem? Her best friend’s husband offers the condo to his friend, Guy at the same time. Coincidence? Or set up? With love far from her radar, Nova is inexplicably drawn to Guy. With the summer winding down and her reality looming, Nova must decide if what they have is forever or only for the summer.

First Line: I’m going to pee on myself.

Favorite Quotes: “Yeah Miss Nova, Netfix and chill with me.”

Rating and Review: 4.8/5

First things first, I know I review a lot of YA books on my blog. So, this is a disclaimer: THIS IS AN ADULT BOOK. Now we can move along.

This was my first book from Alexandra Warren. I know, I suck. I’ve been following her for a while now and it was something about this simple cover and synopsis that drew me in. I’ve been trying to stay away from contemporary since I’ve been writing one myself, but this was too cute of a book to pass up. I read this book (start to finish) in one sitting. I might have gotten up to use the bathroom or refill my tea cup. Might. I could not let Nova and Guy go.

Nova is an over-worked first grade teacher who was looking forward to her summer break. She didn’t have anything in particular planned until her best friend baller wife, Kailyn, called and ordered her to come to Miami. Who would turn that down? Needless to say, Nova jumps on the next plane to the sunny state and then she meets Guy.

Y’all. The way Alexandra describes this man… Y’all gon’ be looking for him in the day time with a flashlight, okay?


Guy has a son Jaxson, who happens to be boarding the plane at the same time. Honestly, if you don’t read this book for anything else, read it for Jaxson’s witty one-liners. He’s the star of the show. Nothing else matters.

Anyway, Nova tries to stay away from Guy because she’s in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend, David. Obviously their attraction to one another is imminent and Warren does a very nice job of keeping their relationship as roomie-friend-lovers real. With a toddler son and a boyfriend in the mix, Guy and Nova try as they might to stay away from each other. But there is always something drawing them together.

I love Warren’s characterization. Everyone is relatable in this book, even Jaxson. Nothing was unbelievable or out of this world. The only criticism I have is that I wish David got more screen time. I know he was the long distance boyfriend who was complete trash to Nova, but when he showed up in the club I would have liked to see a conversation between him and Nova. He showed up, got in a yelling match with her, and then left. Where did he go? Did he call her afterwards? It seemed like too clean of a break for me. Then again, he was already doing his thing in L.A. so he probably wanted any excuse to break up with Nova.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a quick read with an adorably happy ending, read this. If you like witty, laugh-out-loud toddlers, read this. If you’re going to the beach/on vacation/out of the state, read this. It’s sweet, sexy (and I do mean sexy), hilarious and perfect for anyone who is looking for something cute and quick.

I’ll definitely be reading more of Alexandra’s books! You should too!

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