The Blackest Book in YA

I’ve followed Angie Thomas on Twitter for a while now. I first heard about her after she shook up the publishing industry when 13 houses basically duked it out (legit, everybody) to get their hands on her debut novel, The Hate U Give (T.H.U.G). If you haven’t made the connection yet it’s just like Tupac’s iconic stomach tattoo, T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E.

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Eventually, Balzer + Bray won the war and acquired the book, and since then there’s been a buzz around this novel that just isn’t going away! The movie adaptation is already slated for production starring everyone’s fav, Amandla Stenberg (Rue from Hunger Games).

Angie Thomas’s book couldn’t have been more ‘on time’ as the church folks say. It centers around Starr, a girl who lives in the inner city but attends an expensive prep school in the suburbs. Starr witnesses a police officer shoot and kill her unarmed best friend, Khalil, and it chronicles the fallout from there. It’s basically the Black Lives Matter movement rolled into a YA novel and I couldn’t be more here for it.

And if there isn’t enough gimme’s in the world, the cover was recently revealed on Entertainment Weekly:

If that isn’t enough already, there was also a snippet from the book released on EW that makes me wish I could fast forward into next year. What I love most about this is how easy it is to read. It’s almost like following a conversation with one of your best friends. It’s engaging. It’s fresh and I already can tell I’m going to cry. There were parts of the snippet that I wanted to print out and wallpaper my room with it like, He always has it on the Friday of spring break because you need Saturday to recover and Sunday to repent.” or “Hoedom is universal.”

The book’s release date was pushed up and it will be out on February 28, 2017 – in the blackest month of the year. This could be the blackest book in YA and again, I’m here for it.

Congrats, Angie! I can’t wait to meet Starr!

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*T.H.U.G received a starred review at Publisher’s Weekly!

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